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Pivot table coursesIntroducing our first online training courses for Microsoft Excel. Over the years we have enjoyed teaching others about Excel and how to use the program more efficiently. So to continue that our first course focuses on a large part of Excel many users are either missing out on, or not using to its full potential – Pivot Tables.

Pivot Tables can seem quite daunting to new users due to a certain enigma I suppose around the name after all what is a Pivot Table and why are they so revered by those that use them.

Well a pivot table allows you to take large volumes of data and summarise it in meaningful ways, to really make sense of it. They will neatly present information and allow loads of customisation, along with great interactive drag and drop features.

Below gives the expected course structure. This of course may change and expand during the production of the course and will be updated intermittently so do check back for the latest.

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Everyday Pivot Tables

Everyday Pivot Table Course
  1. The course explained
  2. What is a pivot table
  3. Suitability/requirements
  1. Data
  2. Data checking
  3. Creating
  4. Options
  5. Layout
  6. Σ values
  1. Design settings
  2. Old vs new layout
  3. Standard aesthetics
  4. Manual aesthetics
  5. Subtotals
  6. Totals
  1. Repeating labels
  2. Changing header rows
  3. Blank rows after sections
  4. Select or amend data range
  5. Preserve formatting

Remarkable Pivot Tables

Remarkable Pivot Table Course
  1. Recap Everyday Pivot Tables
  2. What to expect
  3. Suitability/requirements
  1. Multiple values
  2. Duplicate value fields
  3. Example % of totals
  1. What are they
  2. How to use calculated fields
  3. Solve order
  4. Identifying calculated fields
  1. Renaming columns
  2. Group rows
  3. Group columns
  4. Editing groups
  1. Filter old layout
  2. Filter new layout
  3. Types of filter
  4. Filter on selection
  5. Expand and collapse

Exceptional Pivot Tables

Exceptional Pivot Table Course
  1. Recap of Everyday and Remarkable courses
  2. What to expect
  3. Suitability/requirements
  1. Drilling into data
  2. Filters – clear old values
  3. Overwriting data
  4. Auto refresh
  1. How? & Why?
  2. Allocate changes
  3. Publish changes
  1. Data source administrator
  2. Connecting
  3. Microsoft query
  4. Editing queries
  5. Query parameters
  1. Using pivot formulas
  2. Good & bad point
  3. Overriding
  1. What are they?
  2. Set up
  3. Multiple pivots
  4. Renaming
  1. Using pivot graphs
  2. Manipulating
  3. Presentation


  • 12 Month Access
  • Working file downloads


  • 12 Month Access
  • Working file downloads


  • 12 Month Access
  • Working file downloads

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