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Coming soon – Pivot Table courses

Pivot Tables are one of the very best features of Microsoft Excel. “Why?” I hear you ask, well they:

  • Provide ability to manipulate sets of data quickly and easily.
  • Allow a fantastic level of user interaction to create exactly what you want.
  • Form the basis of many dashboard reports.

We are currently in the process of designing courses spanning from Everyday Pivot Tables to Exceptional Pivot Tables. No matter what expertise or knowledge you currently have in Excel Pivot Tables we would like to take you that step further. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest info on our  online Excel training courses.

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Everyday Pivot Tables

Teaching you the essentials

Getting started with Pivot Tables

In this course we will take you right from the basics and by the end you will be proficient in their use.

Remarkable Pivot Tables

Taking your Pivot Tables that step further

Stand out from the pack

This course goes beyond the basics and provides key skills that will improve the functionality of your Pivot Tables.

Exceptional Pivot Tables

Making your pivot table skills indispensible to your business

Amaze others with your new skills

This course takes things that step beyond to really master this great tool.

Exceptional Excel’s future courses

Don’t think that Pivot Tables will be the last online Excel training course we offer you. Whilst we are busy editing our Pivot Table courses, we are already conjuring up new ideas to keep our students skill level progressing. Check out the courses we already have planned and don’t forget to sign up to our blog newsletter below for more helpful tips.

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We strive to provide the best possible training through your preferred medium, whether it be our online training courses, one to one training or our blog lessons. You can decide how you wish to learn.

We value our students and will be providing discounted rates for students that sign up to multiple online Excel training courses.