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First tip

Today I’d like to start you off with one quick tip…

Ever get frustrated repeatedly pasting the same format to multiple cells?

Did you know that the Format Painter button on the Excel Home ribbon can be double clicked in order to paste formats to multiple cells?

  1. Select the cell you wish to replicate the format of.
  2. Double click the Format Painter button.

a) It will go from looking something like this:

Excel Format Painter button

b) to this:

Excel Format Painter selected.

3. Now click on any cells you wish for the formats to be replicated to. The format painter will remain switched on and the cursor will look like this Excel Format Painter cursor.

4. To exit the format painter mode, simply click the button one more time or hit the esc key on your keyboard.

That’s it! Pretty simple and a real time saver.

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