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Exciting Excel formulas for depreciation

Let’s talk depreciation. Did you know that in Excel we have a number of formulas available to us to assist with calculating the depreciation of assets? This is one perhaps for the accountants among you but is a great example of how functional Excel can be. As a very simplistic explanation, when a business purchases [...]

Find and replace in Excel

Hi Excel users, today's blog is number one of a two part blog looking at the Find and Replace feature. Problem A common need in Excel is to replace multiple instances of text or values in a range of cells or a sheet. Perhaps for something as simple as changing your sheets for the [...]

Find values in Excel

The problem Have you ever had trouble trying to find where data is located in Excel? When you are pretty sure 100% positive the value you are searching for is there somewhere!? You may have a lot of data on the sheet, so you look around the sheet for a while, then you use the [...]